Need travel shades?  Serious travel shades?  Then check out what Kaenon has to offer, that is of course, you prefer serious.

COST: $145 on sale

INTENDED USE: Trekking,  all around  versatile polarized shade to shield my eyes from the Gobi desert, Himalayas, and the beaches of Thailand

COUNTRIES USED IN: Thailand, Cambodia, Nepal, Mongolia, China

WORTH IT: Yes, Durable, fit great, great lenses

SCORE: 10/10

WOULD I WEAR IT AGAIN: Absolutely, I wear every day.

They say that beauty is in the eye of the beholder.  If that is the case it is important to take care of those priceless utensils.  On my last trip I needed a good pair of shades to help shield my eyes.  I wanted to get some good durable polarized shades that could get me out of every situation I found myself into.

When I travel I like to use smaller framed sunglasses.  This is because they are much easier to manage if you have to slip them into a coat pocket while trekking and are a lot more face friendly when it comes to wearing a hat on your head, but they are also a lot more durable.  Obviously frame size ultimately depends on the the wearer of the glasses.  I have a much narrower face so the small frames compliment me a little better and feel less bulky.  They fit perfectly into small stash pockets and proved to be very durable.

The reason I went with Kaenon is because after my research, I learned that they use a particular shade of gray lens called the G12.  It is used by professional climbers such as Adrian Ballinger who have multiple ascents in the Himalaya’s, including Everest,  and since I was going to be trekking through there I thought it would be a good idea to invest a good pair of shades to help keep my eyes protected.  Not to mention I was going to be in Mongolia for two months which is known as the “land of blue skies”.  They have over 265 days of sunshine a year and it can get pretty bright in the Gobi.

For this trip I pretty much realized that these shades were going to be on my face a lot every day so they had to be worth it, especially for the price.

After I beat them up for about five months I have to say that they were worth every penny:

  • The lenses heldup very well with maintaining there scratch resistance.
  • The frames were comfortable and never really pinched my ears to bad when I wore them for a full day.
  • They rest comfortably on the top of my head.
  • The hinges are solid and can take the repeated abuse
  • The polarization is stellar and the grade of the G12 was perfect for extremely bright sunny days
  • They store very well and can take the abuse of being thrown in the pack and bounced around
  • The rubber on the inside of the nose and behind the ears helped to keep them stable so looking down off a bridge or boat I never had to worry of them sliding off.  Trekking they held to my face perfectly.
  • They are perfect for being ACTIVE

I went with the Matte black which helps to keep them a little less conspicuous.  One time I had my sunglasses stolen and I learned that it is best to fly under the radar, and these help me to do that.  Depending on where you purchase them from, you can find a steal on them with a little online research.  I know for a fact that I will be using them much more for my future travels.

They also serve me great on the water in case that urge hits me where I need to grab that fly rod and head out onto the stream for a little bit.  If you got the doe, they are worthwhile purchase and will definitely add to your adventures. Check out the specs in the rogue shop.  If you feel like pulling the trigger, see what Amazon has the glasses on sale at.  

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