Quick Way To Save Money On Extra Passport Photos

Alright, so as we have already distinguished, some countries require you to submit an extra passport photo or two on your visa application to enter that specific country.  Well if you are traveling to lets say five different countries that require this, that means that you would need around ten extra passport photos if my math serves me correctly.  If you have gotten your passport photos taken from Walgreens or from the post office, you know that two photos cost around ten dollars. So to need ten, that means that you would have to spend around $50.  Maybe even more since it is a good idea to always bring a few more above and beyond in case you loose some photos or if  they get stolen.  Whatever the case may be.

One time I went to Fed Ex Kinkos and used one of their picture machines but I could never get the copy of my original passport photo to print out  as a 2×2 exactly the same size as the “official” ones that I got from the post office.  They always seemed to be a little smaller than what I wanted and I didn’t want to get thrown in jail because my photos were not exactly 2×2.  Although this was rarely ever the case because I have used smaller ones and never had a problem.  But why risk it right?

So one day before I was leaving on my trip I stopped into Walgreens to pick up something random and was near the photo center and saw the prices for regular 4×6 photos and realized they were extremely cheap to get single prints of  a photo made.  However, this price didn’t pertain to 2×2’s, but only the 4×6.  I thought I could be crafty, so I went home grabbed an original copy of my 2×2 passport photo, came back to Walgreens.  I then told the guy that I wanted him to scan this photo and print it out as a 4×6.  I didn’t want him to blow it up as a 4×6, I just wanted my 2×2 photo to be printed out on 4×6 photo paper.

BAM! problem solved.  It worked perfectly.  All I had to do then was take each 4×6, grab a pair of scissors and cut out my perfect 2×2 photo from each.  I got 20 passport photos for around three bucks.  I didn’t own a photo printer at home to do this myself, so Walgreens seemed like the next best answer.   I always try to have at least twenty extra photos with me when I travel.  I keep them all in three different places:  I keep about ten in my day pack, five in my big pack, and five in my passport case.  That way if I loose one, I  have some extra in a few different spots so I am not totally stranded with all my eggs in one basket.  Like I said, you don’t want to be that person that shows up at the immigration desk unprepared and cause others to become disgruntled.

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