COST: $85-$200

INTENDED USE: compressible/packable jacket for stay warm conditions trekking at higher elevations

COUNTRIES USED IN: Nepal, Mongolia, China

WORTH IT: Absolutely

DAYS USED:  29 trekking days, 140 days on the road

TREKS: 10 day trek in Mongolia, 19 day trek in Nepal to Everest Base Camp

SCORE: 10/10

WOULD I USE IT AGAIN: Absolutely, this jacket took a beating and keeps on going

FAVORITE FEATURE: How packs with ease, zippered pockets are a huge plus


This was the first puff jacket that I had ever purchased for travel and trekking.   The reason I bought this jacket was for general use in Mongolia and trekking use in Nepal.  I knew that this trip I was going to be spending some time at higher elevations 10,000ft to about 18,000ft and wanted to be prepared for those chilly nights and mornings, especially away from civilization.  I was a little uncertain as to whether this jacket was going to be to much or to little.  I was going to have some extra layers with me so, I decided to give it a go and see what it had to offer.  Here are some of the key features that I loved about this jacket

  • It compresses very nicely in a day pack or in the main pack
  • Has double usage as a comfortable pillow while folded in itself
  • It is insulated with thinsulate and not down feathers
  • It can be worn as an inside layer in extreme situations or as an outer layer for rest stops
  • The fabric was more than durable and withstood 5 months of abrasion
  • The hood is awesome and it zips up very nicely to shield you from the wind
  • Pockets are all zippered and very durable


In Mongolia I bought this jacket for more of general use than trekking use.  Mongolia is home to some of the most extreme temperatures on planet earth, and even though I was traveling there in the summer months, I wanted to be prepared for the chilly evenings, cold nights, and frosty mornings.  It was actually perfect and was my main jacket most of the time.  I did go on an unexpected ten day hike in Tavan Bogd National Park in the Altai Mountains and this jacket was awesome.  I hit some pretty nasty weather and was sure lucky to have this in my pack for those cold, damp,rainy nights at around 10,000ft.  There was a few times where most of my pack got soaked but I managed to keep this jacket dry and when I was frigid it warmed me right up.

2012-07-16 010


In Nepal I took this jacket for the Everest Base Camp trek.  It was a great lounge jacket for those chilly evenings and frigid nights.  When the sun goes down in those mountains the temperature can literally drop twenty degrees in minutes.  It was perfect to throw in my day pack for some summit days and quick day treks.  Not to mention it definitely helped to keep me warm on trekking breaks.  I would keep it right in the top of my pack and toss it on when we stopped to help keep me warm.  I went to Nepal for the month of October which is the beginning of the colder months.

2012-09-26 040

Early morning sunrise at Kala Patthar, one of the highest trekking peaks in Nepal at around 18,000 feet. Everest is in the background. This jacket came in pretty handy for situations like this.

This is mostly a static jacket.  Sometimes I would wear it for a few minutes in the cold mornings until I got a light sweat up and then I would take it off because it doesn’t breathe as well as fleece.  But as far as keeping me warm lounging around the camp or on the summits of some trekking peaks it was perfect.  I definitely got my values worth out of this coat and plan to use it for many more future  trips.  The stitching held up nicely on it so I really have no doubts about it.

 It did everything that I expected it to do and that I wanted it to do.  I am glad that I brought this jacket with me.  At first I felt that it might be just a little to much, for I was a little uncertain as to what to expect from my trip, but it turned out to be consistent for my usage.  It’s never a bad thing to have the option to be a little to warmer,  instead of to colder.  It was comfortable enough at around 50 degrees, all the way down to freezing temps.  Just a good all around jacket.  Check out the specs in our Rogue Shop.  Or just pull the trigger and see where you can get the best steal from Amazon.


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