TEVA HURRICANE XLT: Great All Around Travel Sandal

So what do you do when you come up to a creek and need to cross it without going across barefoot?  You strap on your sandals and head across.

COST: $40-$78

INTENDED USE: Creek crossing, city use, lounging around the camp

COUNTRIES USED IN: Thailand, Cambodia, Nepal, Mongolia, China

WORTH IT: Yes, I don’t think it gets much better

TREKS: 10 day trek in Mongolia, 19 day Everest Base Camp, 140 days on the road

SCORE: 8/10


So if you are looking for just a good pair of sandals to take on your travels then definitely consider these by Teva.  Before embarking on my five month trip to China, Mongolia, and Nepal I knew that i needed some sandals to serve as all around good sandals to walk around the cities, slip on after a long days trek around camp, but to also be durable enough to get me through some creek crossings if need be.

I own a pair of Chaco’s and they are a great sandal, however for travel they can be cumbersome if they aren’t the main shoe to be used.  I wanted something that was pretty tough, but that was also light and comfortable so that they wouldn’t weigh me down, but could also pack easily.

I was in Sports Authority about two weeks before I left on my trip and I found these on sale for about $50.  Their intended use was for water but after strapping them on I knew that they could get me through what I wanted to use them for.  They were light and comfortable and the soles were relatively thin so when it came to stuffing them in my pack they fit nicely together and didn’t take up much space.  All I have to say is that on my trip they definitely proved their worthiness.  After a long days trek I would slide these on with a nice pair of wool socks and they were surprisingly comfortable and made my evenings enjoyable.

  • In the cities this would be my go to shoe for when the weather permitted it.
  • They proved to be awesome for a quick scramble up a small rock pile or on days when I’d do some random exploring.
  • They strap nicely to the bag and won’t bog you down.
  • The straps are surprisingly durable.  One time I left them to close to a camp fire and the soles caught on fire and melted near the strap, but the strap stayed fastened to the sole the entire time.  I was quite impressed.
  • They kept my foot secure during some pretty intense creek crossings.

If you are heading out the door and are struggling to make a decision as to which sandals to bring for that day in the city or that creek crossing but want to save space and weight, give these a try.  I was pretty impressed with them and if you can find them on sale, even better.  Check out the specs in the Rogue Shop as well as all the other gear we use on our travels.  If you have made up your mind, then pull the trigger at Amazon and add these to your travel wardrobe.

2012-08-12 013

Delivering some rice and tromping through some rice fields in Cambodia

2012-06-23 058

Flamming Cliffs Mongolia



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