A couple who travels together…Has a better chance to stay together?


Just recently I read this article on menshealth.com about marriage advice that Bill Murray randomly gave at a bachelor party in a Charleston Steakhouse.  Who wouldn’t want Bill Murray to randomly crash your party right?  The advice he gave wasn’t the same old “give her everything she wants”, “make her happy”, or even my favorite, “are you sure, your life is about to be over.”  Instead it was talking about that if you really want to get to know someone, plan a trip, and travel the world. In doing so, you will learn more about each other than you can ever imagine.  In my own opinion and from my own personal experiences, he couldn’t be more right.

   “If you have someone that you think is The One, don’t just think in your ordinary mind, ‘Okay, let’s make a date, let’s plan this and make a party and get married.’ Take that person and travel around the world. Buy a plane ticket for the two of you to travel all around the world, and go to places that are hard to go to and hard to get out of. And if when you land at JFK and you’re still in love with that person, get married at the airport.” – Bill Murray

Travel is the ultimate test in not only being able to prove compatibility, but in truly getting to know that person inside and out.  It definitely brings out a persons “true colors” and shows just how tough both of you can be.  It prepares you for life.  From a guys perspective, any girl that can travel through remote towns on chicken busses, trek through humid buggy jungles, accept the fact that there is not a beautiful porcelain flushable toilette everywhere in the world, eats things you can’t identify, and can make peace with a cold shower if there is one available, is a winner in my book.   True travel is a grind.  It is about leaving our luxuries and comfort zones that we are so used to in order to learn from what the world has to teach us.  And this list can go on and on.


So lets touch on a few important facts that travel can teach you when it comes to picking a life partner and learning to travel not only through countries, but  in all aspects of life, that is shared through this common bond.


1. It teaches you gratitude.  When you travel, you understand firsthand how fortunate you really are.  To see how hard peoples live are throughout the world,  and what it takes to survive, you will find a new found appreciation for what really matters in life- family, friends, and the fact that it can always be worse. So appreciate what you have together.


2. It puts into perspective what is really important in life  and defines your real needs from wants.  Happiness is derived from your innate being.  It cannot be bought.  We always get sidetracked and are guilty of this.  True happiness is appreciating each other’s company, and being able to work through any situation together.


3. It teaches you how to budget, manage expenses,  the true importance of money, and working together. You don’t need a lot to make things work, but you will always need strength from those closest to you in order to obtain this.


4. It tests you with finding happiness in simplicity.  To scale back your busy life and realize that time spent with each other is the most important commodity on the face of the planet.   If you can find your way through a developing country and the hardships it challenges you with, then you both can find your ways through anything.


In this day and age there is such an importance on the material aspects that we associate with life.  However, when starting out as newlyweds, not all these luxuries are afforded to us right away, especially in this economy.  What we have today could be gone tomorrow.  That nice job and big house, might be reduced to a small apartment if that job doesn’t exist anymore and you have to down size in order to makes ends meat.  Life is about riding the wave.  A couple who travels together finds a way to make happiness with simple luxuries, appreciates what they truly have, appreciates each other, and finds new importance on what really matters.  A traveler is attached to nothing and is free to move.  I can’t help to think back about what awesome times I’ve shared with my fiancee spending only $20 a day, eating a cheap roadside meal, sleeping in a little one bedroom hostel, and waking up everyday with a sense of gratitude.  A sense that every so often seems to elude me here back home.


In order to reach your goals there might come that time where you will have to lay it all on the line, especially in the business world, and there is a good chance in doing so, you could very well loose everything and be reduced to that one bedroom apartment in order to make it work.  However, having traveled together, you both have learned to make the best out of any situation.  Every day is a journey.  An untraveled person looks at hardships as a crutch, a traveler looks at hardships as another bump in the road and can find a way to make this beautiful.  After all,  some of your finest days were ones spending $20 a day, looking at a beautiful sunset, eating a cheap roadside meal, and staying a little one bedroom hostel in the middle of nowhere   When making a life decision such as marriage, why not do it with someone who can find the same enjoyment out of the same simple pleasures and can withstand the hard ships of all the little bumps you will face together?

“The World breaks everyone. And afterward, some are strong at the broken places” – Hemingway

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