Resources For Any Traveler

Travel Information/Books About Countries

Lonely Planet homeLonely Planet  is a great place to start when preparing for a trip.  It is a company dedicated to bringing travelers up to date information about most travable countries.  Browse their website for answers to travel questions about countries or buy their books with country specific information to help give you an idea of what your trip entails with everyday costs of daily living, average price of local meals, and prices of hostels and guesthouses.  With per day costs and travel itineraries, Lonely Planet provides a good starting point for any traveler or backpacker.  should be included in every travelers research, especially for USA citizens.  This site is dedicated to bringing all travelers up to date information on countries including visa requirements, places where there is restricted travel, travel warnings, and travel alerts.  Before you head to a country make sure that there is no political unrest or hostility going on that could affect your trip and your travel experience. It is here to help you, make sure to check it out, and also provide information if you do need assistance while on the road.

Hostel Information, Sleeping Rates, and Bookings

Hostelworld allows you to check the availability and prices of hostels and guesthouses online before you go or while on the road.  This is a good site to use if you want to see what some guesthouses and hostels cost per night and read reviews to accommodate your travel necessities.  It’s always a good to have an idea as to where you want to go ahead of time and to check availability to help alleviate headaches.  Also, see how much you will need for the average price of places to sleep to help derive a budget.


HostelBookers Logo Hostelbookers is another great site to use when on the road or preparing for a trip to find information on guesthouses and the availability.  Compare prices on both and save some money in the long run.  More money saved on sleeping, the more money to be spent on adventures.

Couchsurfing is an easy way to meet new people but also find accomodation all over the world by people who let you stay at their place, or on their couch.  If you are on a strict budget, this could be a good way to help save some cash.

Cheap International Calls

Rebtel is an awesome company that lets you keep in contact with all the friends that you make while traveling.  Skype is obvious one way to keep in touch, but for the people that don’t have Skype or a computer, Rebtel lets you call cell phones of friends you might have in different countries for the price of a local call.  It is a great way to keep in touch and can save you a lot of money.  Perfect for those long distance relationships and when you don’t want to have a Skype number.  Also, Rebtel users talk for free.  Definitely check it out.

 Best Places To Shop For Gear

  If you are going to buy gear, do it right.  Backcountry is one of the best premier online gear retailers providing a wide array of gear for all outdoor occassions.  With their 100% buy with confidence philosophy, their goal is to make the customer happy with lifetime unconditional returns, gearheads you can talk to, price match and all sorts of other deals, prepare yourself before you hit the road.They are also the exclusive retailers for the brand stoic.

 Moosejaw  is another great gear site to always check out is moosejaw.  With killer deals and a wide array of gear for all outdoor activities, don’t forget to stock up on all your gear needs here.  If one of these two sites doesn’t have what you are looking for, then you probably are just out of luck.  Check out their inhouse brand of moosejaw apparel for some killer deals as well.  REI  offers another way to shop for just about every kind of gear on the planet as well.  They have their own in house brand which is very reputable and affordable.  If you are a gear head, REI offers their own visa credit card to help save up points for gear purchases.  They also offer beneficial membership opportunities, eco conscious gear purchasing, and a variety of stewardship opportunities promoting eco-consciousness.

Gear Close Outs and Sweet Deals

Depending on what your travel gear and necessities are, these websites can allow you to save hundreds of dollars on top notch clothing, gear, and accessories.  I have saved hundreds of dollars by knowing what I need and being ready for when it goes on sale.  Remember that sales represent the seasons and I usually shop opposite.  So I buy winter gear in the spring and spring gear towards the winter to get some great steals.  Keep these two sites in mind.

 6PM  may seem like it has nothing to do with outdoor gear, but knowing what companies to search for can allow you to save some big money on last years models and colors.  Everything from rain shells to merino wool base layers.

Steep and Cheap  is by far one of the better sites to stock up on gear.  A lot of times it requires shoot from the hip buying because items sell out fast and at ridiculous prices.  So make sure to always keep an eye out and when that gear necessity arises, trust your impulse and scoop it up.

Travel Vaccinations and Medications

CDC 24/7: Saving Lives. Protecting People.™The Center for Disease Control has up to date information about outbreaks, and vaccinations needed to travel to certain parts of the world.  It can help to give you an idea as far as what vaccinations a person needs as well as certain health risks to prevent .  Make sure to click on the travel section to get the proper information.

Pay as You Go Cell Plans

Pure TalkUSA – Affordable Cell Phone Service & No Contract Cell Phone Plans : Unlimited Cell Phone Plan Pure Talk  allows you not to get trapped in a long term cell phone plan if you are not going to be around to use it.  Sometimes you want to just pick up and go and not have to worry about the bills back home when you travel.  Pure talk allows you to have a pay per month cell phone plan that allows you to cancel at any time with just a simple phone call.  Most regular phone contracts don’t provide international service so you are better off just not using it anyway unless you want to pay ridiculous fees.  With pure talk, just cancel, and then pick up right where you left off when you return home.  They will even allow you to suspend your number for two months before it is recycled.  Also, chances are you will already have unlocked phone so you can bring your cell with you and then just buy a local simcard to call home from the country you are in.   Don’t get caught in a contract and save some money in the mean time.

Plan a Trek With Someone

  Trekking Partners is a site where you can meet fellow solo trekkers who are looking to trek with someone to help save costs.  A lot of times it is more efficient to trek in groups to save money.   If you want to do a trek but you don’t want to do it alone see who else traveling has the same interests.