Pacsafe Cashsafe Travel Belt


Whether your taking a quick breezer to a far away land or an extended voyage, this belt is great for the casual traveler who is looking to always be prepared.  Store some extra cash and a photocopy of your passport in the inside pocket in case an emergency situation arrives.


Product Description

The Cashsafe™ anti-theft travel belt outsmarts thieves at their own game. Great for stashing extra cash and keeping it hidden from view. The Cashsafe™ has a plastic buckle which means there’s no need to remove it when passing through airport security . Adjustable and easy to use, it looks like a normal belt, but it’s much smarter!

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• Secret pocket
• Airport security friendly
additional features
• Plastic buckle – no need to remove when passing through airport security
• Adjustable
• Easy to use non-slip buckle
• Durable webbing material


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